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Introduce briefly

Mechaverse is a subsidiary game-fi project of Mechaverse Labs, a Japanese Web3 entertainment platform with various forms of game like Auto Chess, Battle Royale, 3D Fighting, sandbox, conquest and UFO Catcher ,etc. Mechaverse is a Meta-Dimensional Strategy Game-Fi in The Era of Web3,with the NFT authorization of various well-known Japanese IPs.


A mysterious ascending-dimension catastrophe has invaded the earth. Silicon-based metal lifeforms from the local galaxy group have passed through the dimensional wall to invade and plunder the earth with digital and physical space successively. The mecha prototype weapons trained by artificial intelligence and neural networks for a long time have gradually developed human-like thinking and spirituality under the pressure of the crisis. Therefore, the mecha heroes assembled and a war to maintain the fate of the earth, humans and humanoid mechas was officially started. As the last alliance of human wills, we fight side by side for survival and civilization in the gap of time and space intertwined by dimensional chaos.

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