NFT represents the player's positioning and role as an important carrier for games. The circulation of NFT can facilitate players to realize or transfer value. The platform has built the Marketplace to allow players to trade with each other freely.

More details

1.Some of our NFTs are backed by plenty of famous Japanese anime IPs. Each of them has a huge number of fans across Asia, and is highly worthy of collecting.

2.Our exquisite mecha hero NFTs are original designed by Mechaverse CDO Iwai Lincoln who's also a famous digital artist in Japan. He participated in the early visual design development of well-known game like "Final Fantasy", "Dark Souls".

3.Mechaverse Labs as a Japanese Web3 entertainment platform will launch 4 games soon including Auto Chess game, Battle Royale game, 3D Fighting game and UFO CATCHER. Our NFTs will be keys to experience and connect all those entertainment Game-Fis in Mechaverse Labs eco. Of course ,are the keys to earn. There are more than 3 new game productions in the process of design and development. The bigger web3 entertainment eco-system we provide, the wider NTF applications will be.

4.Mechaverse Labs has a offline web3 entertainment stadium for consumers experiencing located in Tokyo TV Tower. Our NFTs holders will be able to enjoy our entertainment facilities there, participate in our offline E-Sports Season, and have chance to win the lottery rewards like anime IP original manuscript, meeting up with IP authors in person.

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