How to Play

Participation Method

You need game point coupons

to participate in the game, each one equals to a game chance.

Exchange rules:

1 MG=1 game point coupon, that is, when you have 1 MG, you can exchange it 1:1 for a chance to participate in the game.

According to the floating exchange rate, 1 MC can be exchanged for the corresponding game point coupons. Generally, the value of the game point coupons will be stable between 0.5 U and 0.8 U.

If the floating exchange rate exceeds the range, the item will be automatically adjusted to ensure that the value of the game point coupon is within the range of 0.5 U to 0.8 U.

Only have MC or MG can you participate in the game.

How to get MG

Participate in the community to get it. You can also follow the official Twitter, and wait for the airdrop.

How to get MC

1. You can buy MC from Kucoin through MC/USDT;

2. Buy MC in the official DEX of Mecha Gacha, and the official website also has an entrance to enter the DEX directly. (Official DEX: )

Game Playing Method

1. After entering the game, you can directly see a gashapon machine. Firstly, players need to recharge, and then they can participate in the game after they get game point coupons. There is a plus sign in the upper right corner of the game point coupon. You can click it to recharge.

2.The recharge method is to have MG or MC; the minimum recharge unit is 1 MG or 1 MC.

3.After completing the recharge, you can see the number of point coupons. A one-point coupon means you can play only one game.

4. The specific description of the gameplay:

There are three chances in one game, you can push the energy bar randomly, then choose a number and click “PULL”.

If you succeed, you can get random pieces of various assets; if you fail, you can continue to choose a number in the remaining energy bar and try again. Each game has three chances.

Note: The reason for the failure of the game may be that the power you choose to push the energy bar is too small or too large.

5. Ten identical fragments can be exchanged for gifts. You can click the BOX button in the lower right corner to check your fragment numbers.

6.When you get ten fragments, you can directly synthesize the mecha NFT or other assets that you want. You may get various rewards from the gashapon machine, such as 0.1 BTC, 0.1 ETH, ENS domain name, .bnb domain name, APE fragments and Punk fragments. APE fragments and Punk fragments can be bought and sold directly on Kucoin exchange. I was lucky enough to get a Donald Duck mecha NFT.

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