You can organize your heroes to fight the aliens on the route of the invasion. If you can defeat these aliens, you will be rewarded with $MM.

It’s very simple that when you enter the PvE, first select the corresponding level, then select the mecha hero and click “fight” to join the battle.


You have to choose one mech hero at least, the more heroes you have, the greater the chance of winning, and the hero's rank will also greatly affect the odds of winning.

The higher the level of difficulty, the greater the benefit.

The higher the hero’s level, the greater the benefit.


PvP(player-to-player), the more players know about mech heroes, the more likely they are to win and get rewards.

The win rate will improve the player's ranking on the leaderboard. Each player will receive a reward corresponding to their rank.

To win, you have to be familiar with the hero system, explore it and master it. You must understand your mech heroes' strength and weakness, learn the best formation and make a strong team.


In PvP battles, players are ranked based on accumulated points.

The ranking will be reset once a month. At the end of the season, the ranking will be based on points, and the top players will receive huge rewards, such as $MCW and loot.

Auto Chess

Eight players compete on the same stage with different strategies and reasonable tactics. They will select heroes from a shared random card pool and build their own battle camp. Heroes will perform fully automatic attacks, and players will achieve the ultimate victory through excellent strategies and games.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Each of the 100 players can choose a mecha to form a team with three other players to survive in the wilderness. Teams can help each other and fight against other teams together. The last team who fights to the end will receive huge rewards.

Boss challenge

Boss will come from another world at irregular times every week. Players will challenge it during the arrival of the boss. Every time they damage the Boss, there will be a chance to get rewards. The higher the damage, the richer the rewards. During the Boss challenge, the damage players made will be accumulated and recorded in the ranking, and the top players at the end will receive generous rewards.

The event will end once the invasion ends or the Boss is defeated by the player. If the Boss dies, the last player who damages it will receive an exceptionally rich reward.

After each battle with the Boss, players will enter a weak state for a certain period and can’t attack the Boss. But they can end the weak state with props to maximize the output.


You can create a guild and become the leader by paying, then recruit other players to accomplish quests and contribute to the guild. Guild leaders will have unique powers to manage the guild.

Guild Leader: He can invite new members, remove useless members, and set roles for existing guild members. He will receive special rewards which will be distributed to members based on the contributions.

Guild Quest: Guild members will do daily quests and participate in battles to increase their contribution points. The points can be used to upgrade and unlock special item shops.

Guild War: The 16 most powerful guilds will be selected in battle, and each guild will pick 6 members to form a team for a total of 16 teams. These teams will continue to play in the 5 PVP matches and will be rewarded based on ranking.

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